Theatrical makeup

Theatrical makeup When we talk about theatrical makeup, we must certainly take the classic makeup as its base, but with some special expedients: light and distance from the audience.

The Light
Remember that the face of the dancer we have to make up will not be under natural light, but rather under lights that make more visible any detail and at the same time fade the natural color of the face.

The Distance
About the distance, theatrical makeup has to highlight the facial features and at the same time introduces in an almost real way the character in the setting. Also the more far audience must be able to see the features of the face of the individual dancer. And it is just for these two factors that the thatrical makeup must be more precise and bright than a normal beauty makeup.

This does not mean you have to create a too much colorful and eccentric makeup, it is enough to play with the tones of the colors and shadows, accentuate facial features, the line of the eyes and cheekbones.

Fondotinta Ciglia


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